The Pope is right – abortion threatens the future of humanity

In a New Year’s address to the diplomatic corp, Pope Benedict summed it up concisely. The Holy Father said that abortion compromised “the future of humanity”. I couldn’t agree more. One of the main reasons why this is so is because when abortion, the killing of an innocent unborn child, is accepted and becomes part […]

SAVED: How our website meant a baby lived

When Kate emailed us with an urgent message we knew we needed to act fast. She had attended our Viva la Vida Festival in Madrid, and now she was relaying an critical situation to us in the Youth Defence office. A friend of hers in London was booked to have an abortion very soon. Due […]

Keeping you informed: an invite to YD’s popular information nights

A weekly part of the Youth Defence calendar has always been our Monday night meetings, where we catch-up on what’s happening, evaluate our current projects, and plan for future ventures. Recently however our team had the novel idea of incorporating a bi-monthly talk into the schedule, an opportunity for a pro-life speaker to give a […]




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