All abortions are intrinsically wrong: not just those targeting baby girls

The Daily Telegraph’s exposure of sex-selective abortions garnered massive coverage recently in Britain, and thankfully there was widespread condemnation of the practice that is, of course, so rampant in some countries that it is estimated that 163 million girls have been aborted simply for being the ‘wrong’ sex. One article in the Irish Times ended with an insightful comment from a conservative commentator in Britain. He said, “Bizarre that those who support abortion find selective sex abortion objectionable – it’s only about choice and the foetus is nothing . . . No?”

Flick open the Weekend Section of the Irish Times on the same day, however, and it becomes obvious that the irony of all this was lost on reporter Kathy Sheridan. Ms Sheridan spoke to an Irish couple who traveled to Britain to abort their unborn baby once it was found that the child had Edwards Syndrome. Sheridan wrote how most babies with this condition die in the womb, some live for a short while after birth, and “a tiny percentage live to adulthood with severe mental retardation.” Presumably Ms Sheridan is against killing on the grounds of sex. Why oh why then would she not be against killing on the grounds of retardation or disability? She also failed to include that ES is three times more common in girls than boys. It seems that the girls lose again in the abortion stakes.

The abortion industry as a whole profits from selling the notion that people should not have to take care of unwanted burdens. The main premise of a law that allows people with disabilities, in particular, to be killed is the idea that their life is not worth living, and people should not have to take care of such ‘unwanted burdens’. Such is the rationalizing of the truly inhumane culture of which we are a part, one which believes itself to be sophisticated whilst being horribly primitive in reality.

It’s also a culture which offers abortion as a ‘solution’ to vulnerable people, as the parents in the Irish Times clearly were. Perhaps the most irksome aspect of the two reports in the IT, aside from the fact that real human beings were killed in all cases, was the condemnation of discrimination in the instance of sex-selective abortions, but not in the case of fetal abnormalities. The idea that we live in an equal society, where you are treasured and protected regardless of your age, sex or ability, is nothing short of a lie.

For now, It’s time that associations and groups that care for the disabled speak out against this outrageous injustice. It’s also time that our society gets a grip on its own inhumanity. Such is the change that we in the pro-life movement must spark.

What I’m talking about in this blog could be described as circumstantial abortion, based on sex and ability. This following however is what ultimately and urgently needs to be grasped: to take the life of an innocent human being (which from conception the unborn is, both scientifically and ethically) is always wrong. No circumstance can justify it, no law should permit it. A law that does permit it has gone into total disrepute, discarding the very reason for its existence – the realization of justice and the right ordering of society. We must save Ireland from this fate.




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