Make this Rally for Life the best ever! Make your voice heard against abortion

It’s just weeks since a Bill to legalise abortion was placed before the Dáíl – and this year we’re seeing the most strident push for abortion since the X case in 1992. That’s why the Rally for Life is so important – and why 2012 needs to be the best Rally yet! The Rally takes […]

Is the evidence clear on when life begins?

When does life begin? Is this a question to which science has established an answer? Or is it something scientists can’t agree on? It’s a pretty important question, given that to kill something or someone, they have to be alive, right? I decided to do a little digging, and to look at the evidence – […]

Killing people with disabilities? With love there should be no short-cuts

“I’d tell you I love you, but then I’d have to kill you” is the title of one of my favourite spy books. Who would have known that, in some countries, this phrase is becoming disturbingly real? Lately there has been a big push to allow parents to end the life of their own disabled […]




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