Aborting away the Special Olympics?

As I approached my 21st first week in pregnancy I received a letter in the post, belatedly, to come along to the local maternity hospital for my 20 week scan. Along with the letter came an unwelcome enclosure: a euphemistically titled  “survey of the Down Syndrome screening process”. I was horrified. Why has our society, […]

All the lost people: How abortion has changed the future

According to the Central Statistics Office, there are 51, 089 young Irish people celebrating their twentieth birthday this year. But, there are people missing from this statistic, and we know for certain of one particular person who should be celebrating with us…Baby X. As many of you know, the X case was brought before the […]

Huge pro-life campaign as battle-lines are drawn in Irish culture wars

The “Better Answer” campaign is officially up and running! Friday 8th June was the somewhat historic date that saw Youth Defence and the Life Institute launch the biggest pro-life awareness campaign Ireland has ever seen. Combining a staggering 600 outdoor advertising sites including billboards, bus ads, Luas (tram) ads, metropanels and transvision screens, the campaign is […]

Shave for LIFE! How shaving your hair off can help mothers and babies

How far would you go to save the lives of the unborn? Well . . . Me with my original head of dark curls… I guess the idea of it all started when I tried to cheer up a friend by getting my hair straightened for a laugh. But then I began to envisage doing […]




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