What if you were the one being chosen?

Picture this: Ryan just gets home from work to find that he has missed three calls from Hannah, his girlfriend. Suspecting that something might be wrong, he calls her back. What he doesn’t realise is that the next three days are going to change his life forever. There will be light at the end of […]

Abortion: Women deserve better

It has become increasingly clear that, over the last ten decades the women’s liberation movement across the globe, which had noble aims in its infancy, has become an oppressor of women’s freedom. In grasping masculine equality, the feminist movement, in her pro-abortion ideologies, has rejected the most integral part of womanhood – motherhood. And in […]

Abortion and Maternal Health : Figures from Mexico

We have been hearing a lot in recent months about how abortion legislation is necessary to safeguard women’s health and lives. There has been a lot of talk also about maternal mortality figures and their reliability. So just what effect does  a restrictive abortion regime have on maternal health?  Is the notion that abortion is […]




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