Speak up against abortion

Many people in the pro-life movement often get accused of being too focused on death and darkness, talking a lot about abortion but perhaps not putting enough emphasis on the more positive and life-affirming sides of the wider pro-life message (of which there are many). The refrain that, “there’s already enough darkness in the world without talking about abortion” is one that will be common to many who try bring up the topic with friends, family or the wider public. I, for one, agree with this sentiment – there is already enough darkness in the world without talking about abortion…more than enough. But should that cause us to stay silent on abortion? Not at all. Reality must be faced up to, and evil tackled when and where we can.


For my generation, abortion is the darkest stain on humanity. What other practice has the blood of 50 million innocent human beings – per year – on it’s cold, evil hands. Let’s not butter this up: we are living through the largest holocaust of human life in the history of man. Be thankful that you are living through it, and weren’t one of it’s victims. The task now though is mammoth: how do we stop the killing? It’s surely our responsibility to stop it. But how do we do it?

The history of human rights abuses is all too long and infamous. The more recent abuses, such as the slave trade and the denial of civil rights, have a number of common themes. Agitation was a theme of both campaigns against injustice, a tool used to prick the conscience of a whole society. It resulted in much persecution for those rights advocates who stood fearlessly against the prevailing culture, but ultimately sparked the debate that eventually ended the abuse.

I’m convinced that agitation is key to our battle. At the moment I don’t think we are anywhere near ending unborn child abuse around the world. A rethink is required. We’ve got to insist on talking about this issue with our fellow men and women around the world. Redouble the efforts, and be not burdened by personal fears or timidity. The price of not acting is inestimable: who can put a price on a human life? Finally, how ridiculous would it now seem if someone had said to Martin Luther King in his early days that, “there’s already enough darkness in the world without talking about racism.”

Persevere in the fight my friends. It will be worth it.





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