Share your pro-life story in 30 seconds!

Most of us have had at least one BOOM! moment in our journey to pro-life beliefs and activism, when reality comes crashing in and we finally understand why we have to defend life. I often think that when those moments are shared with people on the fence, they are some of the most compelling reasons for listeners to change their mind, and maybe even join the cause.


My own BOOM! moment was seeing a picture of an aborted baby at a pro-life conference my friend brought me to. Shocked by what had happened this tiny baby and how gruesome their death was, I suddenly realised why everyone else in the room was so dedicated. It also dawned on me that I could no longer turn a blind eye – something had to be done. I share this experience regularly with friends, family and strangers alike, giving whoever I can pause for thought.

So everyone, try it: lets share our stories and get people thinking about the issue of abortion.

In fact, start here by telling us your story!

Take the next 30 seconds in the comment box below to share your BOOM! moment. If you’re really intent on getting the pro-life ball rolling, share this page on your Facebook and encourage your friends to visit, share their own story, or else just find out why you’re so pro-life.

Don’t forget, share your story with us below!





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