Choosing to Abort Girls at BPAS?

The mask has truly slipped and the reality of abortion in Britain is becoming known, all thanks to a dreadful PR blunder from Ann Furedi, head of the largest abortion-provider in the UK (BPAS). The CEO was commenting in Spiked on the furoe caused by the non-action of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) following the exposure of sex-selective abortions taking place in Britain.

Enter Ms. Furedi on her white-horse, to valiantly assuage the dropped-jaw shock of the British public at the seeming acceptance by British prosecutors of gendercide. With gusto and gall, Furedi proceeded to accuse those self-righteous naysayers who would oppose these abortions of not really being pro-choice at all (something Furedi must consider a slight on their character…).


Little did she know how shaky the ground she patrols is. Article after article set the tone of dismay at the abortion chief’s blazé approach to not only sex-selective abortions, but also her stated hopes, dreams and aspirations that abortion would one day be celebrated by the masses as a civilised alternative to contraception, with no raised eyebrows to ever be allowed again in her abortion-friendly utopia…which isn’t too surprising a wish for the CEO to hold, given that her salary depends on the continued good health and prosperity of the abortion industry.

Talk about digging yourself a hole…





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