‘In the election, show Enda Kenny that you did not want abortion’: Luca Volonté of Italy spells it out

Luca Volonté is the Italian politician who took Enda Kenny to task for refusing Fine Gael deputies the right to conscientious objection on abortion. He welcomed the attendees to the National Convention for Life in Dublin by telling them that just by making the choice to be there, they were already winning the battle against the current liberal mindset amongst elites on abortion. He declared that “our world needs to be saved from folly and that it’s time for us to take action”

Luca outlined the many ridiculous paradoxes and contradictions that are currently contained in our many rights and charters, treaties, laws and political decisions. He said that the world is busy protecting puppy seals and whales, fighting against experimentation on dogs – but more than willing to kill its children. “This way we are going to live in a world full of sad and lonely animals,” he said to the amusement of the huge crowd.

It is Luca’s deep belief, however, that it is not possible to erase from the heart of human beings, an innate desire to be real and to live. He also said that a myriad of different declarations and charters recognise our right to conscientious objection and that these international treaties cannot be overlooked by those in power in Ireland or elsewhere. He declared that no one should be obligated to vote for laws or participate in the murder of innocent human beings, and that we are all called to have courage in these matters.

“Enda Kenny has become not only a man without bravery and coherence, but an unjustly cruel man. There is no other way to explain the exclusion of his party partners who voted against abortion,” he said to sustained applause.

He outlined for those not familiar with the European People’s Party (EPP) (of which Fine Gael is a member) that imposing severe penalties on colleagues for voting in accordance with their consciences on such a fundamental matter is alien to the basic values of the EPP and that the EPP also include in their platform that “human life should be protected from its beginning until its natural end”.

He also spoke about how much Europe owes to the Irish, for their contribution to civilisation and, having been born on St Patrick’s Day himself (much to the delight of the audience!), how he feels a special affinity with the country. “ Stop the snakes in Marie Stopes!” he encouraged an attentive audience.

All across Europe now, Luca said, people are waking up and starting to realise how barbaric and totalitarian these ideologies are and he encouraged everyone present to play their part in bringing Ireland back to life!

In closing, Luca referred to the words of St Thomas More, written in the Tower of London, when he stuck resolutely to the principles of his conscience. He encouraged everyone to be equally as courageous, and to re-discover their commitment to the fight. He said that the Pro-Life Vote needed to have an effect on the European Elections and that we had a chance to show Enda Kenny that the Irish people never wanted, and still don’t want, a law that legalises the murder of innocent human beings. He therefore, encouraged all of us to vote pro life!



Luca with delegates at the Convention





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