The road to victory will be hard and long – Declan Ganley speaking at the NCFL

Born in England to Irish parents in 1968, Declan Ganley came from humble beginnings but is now a renowned businessman and political activist.  Outspoken by nature, Declan challenges the political elite both in Ireland and Europe. He is a formidable character in the eyes of the major political parties for his attempts to reshape and reform 21st century politics, and in doing so never shies away from his pro-life stance.  Declan Ganley addressed the National Convention for Life at Dublin Castle with a superb speech.

Declan challenges the ‘pro-choice’ status quo and acknowledges that throughout history it was the same tactic of dehumanization that led to human rights abuses such as slavery.  Mentioning the historic Dredd’s case of 1851 which was the US Supreme Court ruling defending slavery, Declan states “slaves were not people at all but property. Not people at all, but property bears repeating.  To oppress, to kill and to enslave, you must first declare your victim different and then strip them of their humanity. To justify mass slaughter you must first designate your victims not as human but a threat to humanity.  You must say that the people you wish to eliminate are not as human as the rest of us but for mankind can never truly justify the destruction of itself.  To ignore hunger or famine or draught to leave people starving on the streets, to pass the beggar sheltering in the doorway and say to yourself, I’ll ignore his plight, you must first say to yourself that he is not the same as you, that he is not what you are but something less.”

On the Buck v Bell US Supreme Court case of 1927, which was used to justify the forced sterilization of people with intellectual disabilities, Declan explains “ We are programmed because we are creatures of empathy, not to kill or enslave the vulnerable and because we are human if we want to kill and enslave the vulnerable we must first declare them different and less than human.  And this is what people who support abortion have done.

The definition of conservatism is being disposed to preserving existing conditions or seeking limited change.  The medieval practice of abortion has being normalized in the media, the political sphere and in society on a global scale. Declan claims that the language used by abortion proponents to defend their argument “is designed to dehumanize, to strip from the unborn in cases where it suits them the words we use to describe ourselves as human beings. To render themselves comfortable with the acts they support, they must strip their victims of all the protection of human empathy and reduce them to a mere choice, as if to have the decision to have a child was the same as the decision to buy a new suit.”

The pro-life argument remains consistent and definitive amongst all global activists regardless of creed, race, culture etc. Human life begins at the moment of conception. Science has proven this vital fact, otherwise what species is a zygote, embryo or foetus if not human!

However, in the pro-abortion camp there is a wide variation of replies, humanity begins at 12 weeks for some, 16 weeks, 20 weeks for others and every stage until birth.  What is deeply disturbing is that Professor of Bioethics, Francesca Minvera and others believe in afterbirth abortion, abortion should be permissible until an infant is self-reliant. In a recent edition of Slate magazine, feminist and abortion proponent Mary Elizabeth Williams, wrote an article entitled “So What if Abortion Ends Life”. In it she confesses that throughout her own pregnancies she never doubted that she was carrying a human being, but according to Mary Elizabeth some lives are just less equal than others.

Declan goes on to quote “Progressives and liberals have always claimed to be on the side of progress and justice.  It was Emmanuel Kant who said that progressivism was a movement away from barbarism and towards civilization.”  Barbarian was a term first used in the Greek and Roman empires as a means of describing an outsider in a pejorative fashion, notably abortion was also a common practice in pagan Greek and Roman territories.  Irony?  Time has moved on and imaginary lines have being drawn in the consciences of those who favour abortion, it is up to us to erase those lines with the words of truth and justice to those who will listen.  Every fight against dehumanization has been fought by a minority.  “Every fight for human life and human freedom was opposed by an establishment arrogant in their certainty, every campaign has had its defeats and its setbacks as we all here know too well.  The road to victory will be hard and long,” said Declan.  Those who favour abortion are on the wrong side of history he claims.

The political establishment in Ireland appears to be a closed-shop, with no intentions of political reform to our flailing system but Declan Ganley is a breathe of fresh air.  Daniel O’Connell, akin to Declan Ganley, was an eloquent orator, who fought hard for Catholic emancipation two centuries ago. Although the challenges of 21st Century Ireland are different, will Mr. Ganley be the emancipator of democracy and openness in this country rather than the political spin being currently pushed on the electorate? Time will tell but we do know for definite that Declan Ganley, with his ardent support for human life, has already etched his mark in Irish history.

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