A Choice or a Child? – See this new video Advert!

We’ve all heard the claim that legalising abortion is just about giving women a ‘choice’. But our choices should not destroy someone else’s life.

Abortion doesn’t help women: it’s a medieval answer to a crisis pregnancy. And it takes the life of a child. That’s the reality of  the ‘freedom of choice’ rhetoric.

Now this new video message from Youth Defence succinctly and powerfully shows why abortion isn’t just another choice – because there’s a child involved, another human being with human rights, who deserves to be protected.

BL_ChoiceVideo_02 BL_ChoicVideo_01

The video follows a young woman as she talks about her choices: where she’ll go to college, what she wants to be, her decisions about her life, from music to clothes to career.

“It’s my choice, and my life” she says.

Then she pauses and holds up a photo of an unborn baby. “But abortion?” she says. “She’s NOT a choice, she’s a child”.

It’s a dramatic, engaging and fresh approach to this much discussed topic. It’ll change hearts and minds. For Life.

We can do better for women and their babies.  



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