Mattie McGrath clarifies reporter’s abortion questions and the results are gold 

Mattie McGrath, the pro-life TD for Tipperary, was recently sent a series of questions on the recommendations of the Abortion Committee by a journalist.

He proposed clarifications to the questions which are a must-read. If we had this kind of clarity in the debate it would make for an honest and factual discussion on abortion, but, of course, the media’s heads would collectively explode.

Question 1: Do you support repealing the Eighth Amendment as recommended by the committee?

The Real Question: Do you support repealing the Eighth Amendment as recommended by the Committee regardless of the fact that it voted to partially replace it half way through its deliberations without hearing any contrary evidence supporting the Eighth Amendment?


Question 2: Do you support unrestricted abortion up to 12 weeks into a pregnancy?  (This was recommended as a GP-led service due to the complexity of legislating for cases of rape and incest).

The Real Question: Do you support ending an unborn child’s life for any reason whatsover up to 12 weeks and despite the fact that the legal argument for retaining the Eighth amendment was never heard by the Committee in the three months of its deliberations?


Question 3: Do you support abortion on the grounds of risk to the mother’s life or health, both physical and mental without restriction as to gestation limit guided by the best medical evidence?

The Real Question: Do you support a UK style abortion law where almost 9 million unborn children have died since it was first introduced?


Question 4: Do you support abortion without gestational limit where the unborn child has a foetal abnormality that is likely to result in death before or shortly after birth?

The Real Question: Do you support ending an unborn child’s life on the grounds of a life-limiting condition, although there is no medical consensus in regard to any of these conditions as to how long a baby might live after birth?


Question 5: Do you support the holding of a referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment at the earliest possible date?

The Real Question: Do you support removing a fundamental human right from the Constitution as quickly as possible?


Wouldn’t it be great if all the abortion-supporting TDs were asked these questions on Morning Ireland or TV3 Tonight? We live in hope …… 









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