We’ve been showing the reality of abortion for 25 years – and we’re not going to stop now

As most of you will know, Youth Defence has always worked to reveal the reality of abortion. For the past twenty five years, this has been part of our central mission, because if we are to have real and meaningful public debate on this issue, then we cannot allow that reality to remain hidden. In […]

Baby Shane – A short life with a lot of love

It’s incredible the mark one person can make on the world. Baby Shane Michael Haley’s birth and death certificates show the exact same date, but in his short life he achieved something that many others spend decades trying to do: he united people and along with his parents Jenna and Dan, he showed us what […]

I’m scared too

“We might be doing GAP.” “Are you scared?” “Yes.” Me too. Every time we go out, I’m scared of getting into a conversation and saying the wrong things. I’m scared of getting into a debate with a moral relativist, and not knowing how to defend morality. I’m scared that I’ll talk to someone post-abortive and […]

Choosing to Abort Girls at BPAS?

The mask has truly slipped and the reality of abortion in Britain is becoming known, all thanks to a dreadful PR blunder from Ann Furedi, head of the largest abortion-provider in the UK (BPAS). The CEO was commenting in Spiked on the furoe caused by the non-action of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) following the […]

Don’t apologise for being pro-life: reach out with love instead to abortion supporters

Some people presume that because I’m young and female I should automatically be “pro-choice”. The abortion industry has spent millions trying to market abortion, dressing it up as “choice” and a way of “empowering” women. This has led some people to believe that by declaring themselves to be “pro-choice” that they are being impartial and […]

Sex Selective Abortion in India

After the terrible and tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, many in the Indian press castigated Ireland, and it’s pro-life laws, accusing the nation of effectively murdering Savita.They seemed to be blind to the fact that, when it comes to respecting women, India has a very poor track record. India has terminated millions of unborn children […]

What if you were the one being chosen?

Picture this: Ryan just gets home from work to find that he has missed three calls from Hannah, his girlfriend. Suspecting that something might be wrong, he calls her back. What he doesn’t realise is that the next three days are going to change his life forever. There will be light at the end of […]

Abortion and Maternal Health : Figures from Mexico

We have been hearing a lot in recent months about how abortion legislation is necessary to safeguard women’s health and lives. There has been a lot of talk also about maternal mortality figures and their reliability. So just what effect does  a restrictive abortion regime have on maternal health?  Is the notion that abortion is […]

When the Washington Post decides a ‘fetus’ is a baby

The Washington Post recently reported the tragic stabbing in the stomach of a pregnant woman, resulting in the death of her unborn baby. The crime was widely condemned as being horrific and brutal. Thankfully, the mother’s injuries were not said to be life-threatening. It was somewhat surprising to see the paper acknowledging the deceased as […]

Aborting away the Special Olympics?

As I approached my 21st first week in pregnancy I received a letter in the post, belatedly, to come along to the local maternity hospital for my 20 week scan. Along with the letter came an unwelcome enclosure: a euphemistically titled  “survey of the Down Syndrome screening process”. I was horrified. Why has our society, […]

All the lost people: How abortion has changed the future

According to the Central Statistics Office, there are 51, 089 young Irish people celebrating their twentieth birthday this year. But, there are people missing from this statistic, and we know for certain of one particular person who should be celebrating with us…Baby X. As many of you know, the X case was brought before the […]

Is the evidence clear on when life begins?

When does life begin? Is this a question to which science has established an answer? Or is it something scientists can’t agree on? It’s a pretty important question, given that to kill something or someone, they have to be alive, right? I decided to do a little digging, and to look at the evidence – […]

Britain’s pro-life movement is alive and kicking

The pro-life movement in Britain has caused quite a stir recently in many media outlets, with a number of events drawing widespread attention to the issue of abortion. When government officials conducted spot checks on abortion mills throughout the country in light of revelations about sex-selective abortions, journalists scampered to get the reaction of abortion […]

All abortions are intrinsically wrong: not just those targeting baby girls

The Daily Telegraph’s exposure of sex-selective abortions garnered massive coverage recently in Britain, and thankfully there was widespread condemnation of the practice that is, of course, so rampant in some countries that it is estimated that 163 million girls have been aborted simply for being the ‘wrong’ sex. One article in the Irish Times ended […]




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