Mattie McGrath clarifies reporter’s abortion questions and the results are gold 

Mattie McGrath, the pro-life TD for Tipperary, was recently sent a series of questions on the recommendations of the Abortion Committee by a journalist. He proposed clarifications to the questions which are a must-read. If we had this kind of clarity in the debate it would make for an honest and factual discussion on abortion, […]

Ireland’s fight to Save the 8th

Next year, Ireland faces into a divisive referendum on abortion as the government seeks to repeal the right to life of preborn children which is enshrined in Article 8th of the Constitution – a provision which has long been a light to the world in protecting both mothers and preborn babies. Pro-life activists say they […]

We’ve been showing the reality of abortion for 25 years – and we’re not going to stop now

As most of you will know, Youth Defence has always worked to reveal the reality of abortion. For the past twenty five years, this has been part of our central mission, because if we are to have real and meaningful public debate on this issue, then we cannot allow that reality to remain hidden. In […]

How many more women must die before the media exposes Marie Stopes?

Marie Stopes International is one of the world’s biggest abortion chains, and it operates a Dublin branch which helps to drive business to abortion clinics in Britain. Now the British Care Quality Commission, which carried out unannounced inspections at Marie Stopes, has forced the chain to stop performing abortions. The reasons given by the inspectors […]

Irish ‘Gosnell’ filmmakers reveal reality of abortion in Irish Times

This week, the Irish Times – which is well known for rarely allowing any pro-life opinion to be expressed in its newspaper- ran a fascinating op-ed by Irish filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney regarding the reality of abortion and their upcoming movie on abortionist Kermit Gosnell. The couple admitted that they were initially fairly […]

Ireland’s pro-life movement. Watch. Share. Join the fight against abortion.

  We’re Ireland’s largest and most active pro-life organisation, led by young people who believe that life is worth protecting. We’re from diverse backgrounds but we’ve one thing in common: we know that abortion is always wrong. That’s why we work to protect mothers and babies from being killed and exploited by the abortion industry. […]

Is this the most popular Facebook post ever on abortion?

Everyone knows that social media is a powerful way to grow the pro-life message. But the internet, and especially Facebook, is a crowded and noisy place, and catching the public’s attention is not as easy as it seems. That’s why the runaway success of this powerful pro-life mage is so remarkable. It has been liked, […]

Every Life Counts doctor sets the record straight on TV3

Last week Dr Máire Nesta Nic Gearailt, a medical advisor to the beautiful initiative  set the record straight on several key issues on TV3. The Tonight with Vincent Browne programme featured a panel discussing aborting preborn babies with life-limiting conditions or ‘fatal foetal abnormalities’. As everyone knows, there is an ongoing massive push, in […]

One year on, pro-life Roadshow shows politicians the reality of abortion legislation

Young pro-life volunteers on a nationwide Roadshow are holding a series of protests at constituency clinics of Fine Gael TDs to mark a year since the passing of abortion legislation, and to remind Fine Gael that pro-life voters haven’t gone away. The protests take place daily, an follow a busy afternoon of distributing pro-life information […]

The girl who loves – the amazing story of Kathleen Rose

Having attended the National Convention for Life recently in Dublin I was lucky to have heard the wonderful story Tracy Harkin had to tell. Originally from Antrim, Tracy was living in Washington State when she became pregnant on her fifth child and she felt she had nothing to worry about. Everything was going along so […]

The road to victory will be hard and long – Declan Ganley speaking at the NCFL

Born in England to Irish parents in 1968, Declan Ganley came from humble beginnings but is now a renowned businessman and political activist.  Outspoken by nature, Declan challenges the political elite both in Ireland and Europe. He is a formidable character in the eyes of the major political parties for his attempts to reshape and […]

“The streets are ours”: How Spain overturned abortion on demand

Last month, Spain made history as the first European country to reverse legislation which had made abortion on demand lawful. Luis Losada, a well-known Spanish journalist told the National Convention for Life that the success was due to massive public engagement, driving demand for change, and a determination to hold politicians to account. In 2010 […]

Abortion survivor wows crowd with speech on forgiveness and the value of every human life

An 18-year old abortion survivor brought a packed Convention for Life in Dublin to its feet with a moving and inspiring testimony on forgiveness and the value of every human life. Josiah Presley, originally from South Korea but now living in Oklahoma, said that when he first found out that his mother had wanted to […]

Savita story told in compelling TV3 documentary

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the factual, compelling and insightful documentary on TV3 last Monday which explained what really led to the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar. The documentary used re-enactments of Savita’s time in the hospital, the findings of the HIQA investigation, and interviews with expert commentators, to portray […]




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