A Choice or a Child? – See this new video Advert!

We’ve all heard the claim that legalising abortion is just about giving women a ‘choice’. But our choices should not destroy someone else’s life. Abortion doesn’t help women: it’s a medieval answer to a crisis pregnancy. And it takes the life of a child. That’s the reality of  the ‘freedom of choice’ rhetoric. Now this […]

Is this the most popular Facebook post ever on abortion?

Everyone knows that social media is a powerful way to grow the pro-life message. But the internet, and especially Facebook, is a crowded and noisy place, and catching the public’s attention is not as easy as it seems. That’s why the runaway success of this powerful pro-life mage is so remarkable. It has been liked, […]

Every Life Counts doctor sets the record straight on TV3

Last week Dr Máire Nesta Nic Gearailt, a medical advisor to the beautiful initiative www.everylifecounts.ie  set the record straight on several key issues on TV3. The Tonight with Vincent Browne programme featured a panel discussing aborting preborn babies with life-limiting conditions or ‘fatal foetal abnormalities’. As everyone knows, there is an ongoing massive push, in […]

‘In the election, show Enda Kenny that you did not want abortion’: Luca Volonté of Italy spells it out

Luca Volonté is the Italian politician who took Enda Kenny to task for refusing Fine Gael deputies the right to conscientious objection on abortion. He welcomed the attendees to the National Convention for Life in Dublin by telling them that just by making the choice to be there, they were already winning the battle against […]

Saving babies at the clinic door: Carolyn tells the National Convention for Life how it’s done

“We offer free ultrasounds, and our mothers can bring photos and videos home on a USB key ” Carolyn O’Meara tells the rapt audience of 800 plus at the National Convention for Life. “We put our first payment down on the ultrasound machine when we opened our doors and now thank God it’s fully paid […]

“The streets are ours”: How Spain overturned abortion on demand

Last month, Spain made history as the first European country to reverse legislation which had made abortion on demand lawful. Luis Losada, a well-known Spanish journalist told the National Convention for Life that the success was due to massive public engagement, driving demand for change, and a determination to hold politicians to account. In 2010 […]

My son changed my life

Often, young people who are faced with a pregnancy consider themselves too young to have a child. They prefer to have an abortion because a child changes their lives and they do not feel ready. But can we really be ready for the coming of a child? Was Joseph ready for the coming of Jesus? […]

Get active! 12 ways to help fight abortion and establish a culture of life

2014 is a new year, and a new opportunity for pro-lifers to stand up and take charge in the fight for life against abortion. 2013 was a bruising year for the pro-life cause in Ireland but we must continue to fight to save every individual family who may be taking the abortion route as well […]

Share your pro-life story in 30 seconds!

Most of us have had at least one BOOM! moment in our journey to pro-life beliefs and activism, when reality comes crashing in and we finally understand why we have to defend life. I often think that when those moments are shared with people on the fence, they are some of the most compelling reasons […]

Don’t apologise for being pro-life: reach out with love instead to abortion supporters

Some people presume that because I’m young and female I should automatically be “pro-choice”. The abortion industry has spent millions trying to market abortion, dressing it up as “choice” and a way of “empowering” women. This has led some people to believe that by declaring themselves to be “pro-choice” that they are being impartial and […]

The Paradox of Choice

We are all anti-choice, when some choices mean another has none. This is the basis of legal justice. Since the beginning of society, legal principals have been in place to protect our freedom. The freedom to live, to own, to work and to prosper but these freedoms are maintained by restricting the freedoms of others; […]

Speak up against abortion

Many people in the pro-life movement often get accused of being too focused on death and darkness, talking a lot about abortion but perhaps not putting enough emphasis on the more positive and life-affirming sides of the wider pro-life message (of which there are many). The refrain that, “there’s already enough darkness in the world […]

Abortion survivor reminds us of human dignity

Day-by-day, I generally try to avoid dwelling on the darker side of this world we live in. It tends to inhibit one’s ability to see and appreciate all the good, true and beautiful things in life. I recently had the unexpected honour of meeting a man who survived an abortion. Around my own age, he […]

Email leak reveals abortion campaigners had prior knowledge of Savita Halappanavar case

The Life Institute has discovered that abortion campaigners had been given prior knowledge of the Savita Halappanavar case, and that they planned to use it to proceed with a campaign to have abortion legalised in Ireland. Spokeswoman for the Institute, Niamh Uí Bhriain, said that they had a copy of an email conversation which revealed […]




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