We’ve been showing the reality of abortion for 25 years – and we’re not going to stop now

As most of you will know, Youth Defence has always worked to reveal the reality of abortion. For the past twenty five years, this has been part of our central mission, because if we are to have real and meaningful public debate on this issue, then we cannot allow that reality to remain hidden. In […]

Each Child Deserves a Chance. Watch new video which promotes message of life

It’s the most hope-filled thing in the word: hearing small children tell you that they dream of being a teacher or a superhero. It brings out the best in all of us too, as we work to make sure children get a chance to grow up and achieve their dreams. Or even grow up to […]

Abortion survivor wows crowd with speech on forgiveness and the value of every human life

An 18-year old abortion survivor brought a packed Convention for Life in Dublin to its feet with a moving and inspiring testimony on forgiveness and the value of every human life. Josiah Presley, originally from South Korea but now living in Oklahoma, said that when he first found out that his mother had wanted to […]

Giraffes and Belgians?

In a week when the regrettable killing of a giraffe in Denmark drew more attention than the Belgian abandonment of disabled children to their early graves, news of the legalisation of euthanasia for minors in Belgium was met with cautionary and solemn tones by most media outlets in Ireland and beyond. For most proponents of […]

Abortion survivor reminds us of human dignity

Day-by-day, I generally try to avoid dwelling on the darker side of this world we live in. It tends to inhibit one’s ability to see and appreciate all the good, true and beautiful things in life. I recently had the unexpected honour of meeting a man who survived an abortion. Around my own age, he […]

What if you were the one being chosen?

Picture this: Ryan just gets home from work to find that he has missed three calls from Hannah, his girlfriend. Suspecting that something might be wrong, he calls her back. What he doesn’t realise is that the next three days are going to change his life forever. There will be light at the end of […]

Abortion: Women deserve better

It has become increasingly clear that, over the last ten decades the women’s liberation movement across the globe, which had noble aims in its infancy, has become an oppressor of women’s freedom. In grasping masculine equality, the feminist movement, in her pro-abortion ideologies, has rejected the most integral part of womanhood – motherhood. And in […]

Abortion and Maternal Health : Figures from Mexico

We have been hearing a lot in recent months about how abortion legislation is necessary to safeguard women’s health and lives. There has been a lot of talk also about maternal mortality figures and their reliability. So just what effect does  a restrictive abortion regime have on maternal health?  Is the notion that abortion is […]

Life Institute launches vitally important pro-life pledge

The Life Institute has launched a vitally important PRO-LIFE PLEDGE to show Fine Gael the extent of public opposition to plans to legalise abortion. Niamh Uí Bhriain said that it was very important that Fine Gael understood that if they legalised abortion, they would lose the vote of tens of thousands of people who had […]

Email leak reveals abortion campaigners had prior knowledge of Savita Halappanavar case

The Life Institute has discovered that abortion campaigners had been given prior knowledge of the Savita Halappanavar case, and that they planned to use it to proceed with a campaign to have abortion legalised in Ireland. Spokeswoman for the Institute, Niamh Uí Bhriain, said that they had a copy of an email conversation which revealed […]

No more lies: New Irish video shows that abortion NEVER saves a mother’s life

“Abortion is not needed to treat cancer. In fact, it’s not needed to treat any medical condition arising in pregnancy.” Those are the opening lines of a powerful and important new video message from the Life Institute, which brings good news for mothers and babies. That good news has been confirmed by the medical experts, […]

Don’t be afraid to be pro-life!

I think the simplest – and best – phrase around goes as follows: ‘Don’t be afraid.’’ I don’t know what it is, but there is something in those short few words that I can’t quite put my finger on. ‘Be not afraid’ was, of course, the constant refrain of Blessed John Paul II during his […]

Seven questions for abortion campaigners in Ireland

If you didn’t know already, the multi-billion dollar abortion industry is working overtime to have abortion legalised in Ireland. Lacking the people power necessary for a grassroots demand for change, they rely instead on the media who have been working overtime to further the agenda, aiding and abetting their cohorts in Dáil Éireann and the […]

Aborting away the Special Olympics?

As I approached my 21st first week in pregnancy I received a letter in the post, belatedly, to come along to the local maternity hospital for my 20 week scan. Along with the letter came an unwelcome enclosure: a euphemistically titled  “survey of the Down Syndrome screening process”. I was horrified. Why has our society, […]




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