A Choice or a Child? – See this new video Advert!

We’ve all heard the claim that legalising abortion is just about giving women a ‘choice’. But our choices should not destroy someone else’s life. Abortion doesn’t help women: it’s a medieval answer to a crisis pregnancy. And it takes the life of a child. That’s the reality of  the ‘freedom of choice’ rhetoric. Now this […]

My son changed my life

Often, young people who are faced with a pregnancy consider themselves too young to have a child. They prefer to have an abortion because a child changes their lives and they do not feel ready. But can we really be ready for the coming of a child? Was Joseph ready for the coming of Jesus? […]

Giraffes and Belgians?

In a week when the regrettable killing of a giraffe in Denmark drew more attention than the Belgian abandonment of disabled children to their early graves, news of the legalisation of euthanasia for minors in Belgium was met with cautionary and solemn tones by most media outlets in Ireland and beyond. For most proponents of […]

What if you were the one being chosen?

Picture this: Ryan just gets home from work to find that he has missed three calls from Hannah, his girlfriend. Suspecting that something might be wrong, he calls her back. What he doesn’t realise is that the next three days are going to change his life forever. There will be light at the end of […]

All the lost people: How abortion has changed the future

According to the Central Statistics Office, there are 51, 089 young Irish people celebrating their twentieth birthday this year. But, there are people missing from this statistic, and we know for certain of one particular person who should be celebrating with us…Baby X. As many of you know, the X case was brought before the […]

Is the evidence clear on when life begins?

When does life begin? Is this a question to which science has established an answer? Or is it something scientists can’t agree on? It’s a pretty important question, given that to kill something or someone, they have to be alive, right? I decided to do a little digging, and to look at the evidence – […]




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