A Choice or a Child? – See this new video Advert!

We’ve all heard the claim that legalising abortion is just about giving women a ‘choice’. But our choices should not destroy someone else’s life. Abortion doesn’t help women: it’s a medieval answer to a crisis pregnancy. And it takes the life of a child. That’s the reality of  the ‘freedom of choice’ rhetoric. Now this […]

The Paradox of Choice

We are all anti-choice, when some choices mean another has none. This is the basis of legal justice. Since the beginning of society, legal principals have been in place to protect our freedom. The freedom to live, to own, to work and to prosper but these freedoms are maintained by restricting the freedoms of others; […]

What if you were the one being chosen?

Picture this: Ryan just gets home from work to find that he has missed three calls from Hannah, his girlfriend. Suspecting that something might be wrong, he calls her back. What he doesn’t realise is that the next three days are going to change his life forever. There will be light at the end of […]




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