What’s Ireland’s abortion rate – and could it reach 20%?

Currently our government is telling us that abortion legislation will not introduce a liberal abortion regime here, and that the floodgates will not be opened. These assurances have been heard in many countries, many times before, and it’s important to examine the abortion rates which followed supposedly restrictive abortion legislation. Our nearest neighbour, Britain, is […]

Don’t follow Britain’s failures on abortion

In 1967, David Steele led the crusade to liberalize British abortion laws on the basis of specific circumstances, such as mental health.  The determination process for abortion was meant to be monitored by the medical profession.   Instead, abortion on demand inched its way into British society. Every year 200,000 abortions occur in Britain. That […]

Live phone call to Enda from Vigil for Life as 30,000 say ‘keep your promise’

Enda Kenny’s has been called live from the Vigil for Life, where 30,000 people left a message for an Taoiseach to ‘keep his pro-life promise’. The massive pro-life event went quiet as Dr Eoghan de Faoite of Youth Defence called an Taoiseach’s constituency office, and Enda’s voice could be heard asking the caller to leave […]




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