How many more women must die before the media exposes Marie Stopes?

Marie Stopes International is one of the world’s biggest abortion chains, and it operates a Dublin branch which helps to drive business to abortion clinics in Britain. Now the British Care Quality Commission, which carried out unannounced inspections at Marie Stopes, has forced the chain to stop performing abortions. The reasons given by the inspectors […]

Ireland’s pro-life movement. Watch. Share. Join the fight against abortion.

  We’re Ireland’s largest and most active pro-life organisation, led by young people who believe that life is worth protecting. We’re from diverse backgrounds but we’ve one thing in common: we know that abortion is always wrong. That’s why we work to protect mothers and babies from being killed and exploited by the abortion industry. […]

One year on, pro-life Roadshow shows politicians the reality of abortion legislation

Young pro-life volunteers on a nationwide Roadshow are holding a series of protests at constituency clinics of Fine Gael TDs to mark a year since the passing of abortion legislation, and to remind Fine Gael that pro-life voters haven’t gone away. The protests take place daily, an follow a busy afternoon of distributing pro-life information […]

Get active! 12 ways to help fight abortion and establish a culture of life

2014 is a new year, and a new opportunity for pro-lifers to stand up and take charge in the fight for life against abortion. 2013 was a bruising year for the pro-life cause in Ireland but we must continue to fight to save every individual family who may be taking the abortion route as well […]

The Paradox of Choice

We are all anti-choice, when some choices mean another has none. This is the basis of legal justice. Since the beginning of society, legal principals have been in place to protect our freedom. The freedom to live, to own, to work and to prosper but these freedoms are maintained by restricting the freedoms of others; […]

Abortion survivor reminds us of human dignity

Day-by-day, I generally try to avoid dwelling on the darker side of this world we live in. It tends to inhibit one’s ability to see and appreciate all the good, true and beautiful things in life. I recently had the unexpected honour of meeting a man who survived an abortion. Around my own age, he […]

No more lies: New Irish video shows that abortion NEVER saves a mother’s life

“Abortion is not needed to treat cancer. In fact, it’s not needed to treat any medical condition arising in pregnancy.” Those are the opening lines of a powerful and important new video message from the Life Institute, which brings good news for mothers and babies. That good news has been confirmed by the medical experts, […]

Don’t be afraid to be pro-life!

I think the simplest – and best – phrase around goes as follows: ‘Don’t be afraid.’’ I don’t know what it is, but there is something in those short few words that I can’t quite put my finger on. ‘Be not afraid’ was, of course, the constant refrain of Blessed John Paul II during his […]

Seven questions for abortion campaigners in Ireland

If you didn’t know already, the multi-billion dollar abortion industry is working overtime to have abortion legalised in Ireland. Lacking the people power necessary for a grassroots demand for change, they rely instead on the media who have been working overtime to further the agenda, aiding and abetting their cohorts in Dáil Éireann and the […]

Shave for LIFE! How shaving your hair off can help mothers and babies

How far would you go to save the lives of the unborn? Well . . . Me with my original head of dark curls… I guess the idea of it all started when I tried to cheer up a friend by getting my hair straightened for a laugh. But then I began to envisage doing […]

Abortion call comes from elite not the people

Well, now that the latest storm has blown over, we can take a few moments to reflect on what has been and look towards the coming months. The focus of the Irish media has been on abortion for the past two weeks, prompted by the Private Member’s Bill seeking to legalise abortion, as proposed by […]

Women’s rights? Why every woman should oppose abortion

I am a young, independent woman. I can vote, go to college, drive a car, even run for President if I want (once I’m over 35)! I can do anything that my male colleagues can do. But there is one thing that I can become that’s denied to my male friends…a mother. Motherhood is the […]

Expert group to report in July: there’s work to be done

It seems that the question-mark over our pro-life laws in Ireland shall be answered sooner than expected, with the recommendations from the Expert Group now due to be delivered as early as July according to Ireland’s ambassador to the UN, Gerard Corr. The news broke as part of a special sitting of the United Nations […]

YD meet Mick Wallace – and tell him abortion has no part in modern medicine

As this ezine’s readers will know, the Wexford TD Mick Wallace has made a strident call for abortion in Dáil Éireann. He has received a large number of calls from the public following our alert on his stance, but continues to say that abortion should be legal. We’ve been contacted by Wexford pro-life activists with […]




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