Abortion survivor reminds us of human dignity

Day-by-day, I generally try to avoid dwelling on the darker side of this world we live in. It tends to inhibit one’s ability to see and appreciate all the good, true and beautiful things in life. I recently had the unexpected honour of meeting a man who survived an abortion. Around my own age, he […]

Killing people with disabilities? With love there should be no short-cuts

“I’d tell you I love you, but then I’d have to kill you” is the title of one of my favourite spy books. Who would have known that, in some countries, this phrase is becoming disturbingly real? Lately there has been a big push to allow parents to end the life of their own disabled […]

Women’s rights? Why every woman should oppose abortion

I am a young, independent woman. I can vote, go to college, drive a car, even run for President if I want (once I’m over 35)! I can do anything that my male colleagues can do. But there is one thing that I can become that’s denied to my male friends…a mother. Motherhood is the […]




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